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Bringing a new twist to Post Magazine's 'My Best 11' segment, Joe Aldous and Ben Hobby, Directors at RGL's London office, offer up an imaginary best 11 fantasty claims team, carefully avoiding any similarities to actual people working in the industry - or did they?

Fantasy Best 11 Claims Team

We have selected our Best 11 fantasy claims management team and we stress that any similarities between the team members and actual people working in the claims side of the industry is purely coincidental (or so we first thought).

1. Tony Soprano (GK)

We have Tony as our last line of defence because if negotiations are proceeding badly he will probably be able to get the issues resolved one way or another – Bada Bing!

2. Mike Tyson (RB)

Sometimes it may be necessary to bang-heads-together to move a claim forward. Mike is the man for this and unlike at his peak, the recipients may survive with only mild concussion.

3. Lionel Hutz (LB)

A fine legal mind is useful for resolving complex and ambiguous policy issues. Lionel may be able to recommend someone in this regard.

4. A Babel Fish (CB)

The claims handling team have to be able to communicate effectively with the policy holder and their principles. Being able to converse in the local language on overseas assignments is a real advantage.

5. Professor Brian Cox (CB)

A successful claims handling team will need to be able to take complicated issues and concepts and present them in a simple and straightforward manner. That way, things can only get better.

6. Ron Burgundy (CM)

The loss adjuster is the anchorman at the centre of the claims team. Staying classy comes more naturally to some.

7. Jack Bauer (RW)

It is essential that the claims team respond quickly and effectively and always hit their deadlines. Sometimes having a full 24 hours is a luxury though!

8. Del Boy (CM)

When there is a deal to be done, having Del Boy in your team can be a real advantage – Lovely Jubbly!

9. Deep Thought (CF)

It is important to be numerically literate and be able to think outside the box on quantum issues. Whilst the answer isn’t always 42, a forensic accountant will help ensure that everything is quantified correctly.

10. Diego Maradona (CF)

Sometimes a remote review is sufficient, other times a more hands-on approach is required.

11. The Fonz (LW)

Keeping cool under pressure is essential even if you have to undertake the insurance equivalent of jumping over a shark on water skis. This will help ensure all your days are happy.


As appeared in Post Magazine Online, August 2012.

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