Employee fraud: how should you respond to a tip-off?

News, AirmicJune 2017


Do you know what a "typical" corporate fraudster looks like? What red flags should you be looking for? And - most importantly as a risk manager - what should your first actions be if potential fraudulent activity is brought to your attention?

These were just some of the questions addressed by RGL Forensics at an Airmic Academy which delved into the serious but little-understood subject of investigating employee fraud.

As appeared in Airmic, 12 June 2017

According to RGL - a specialist firm of forensic accountants - once a potential fraud is detected, the subsequent uncovering and unravelling of the incident can occur at rapid speed - sometimes in a matter of hours and days.

The implications of employee fraud are complex and sensitive with corporate, legal and PR implications. Taking time to understand what you should and shouldn't do before an incident occurs is therefore vital. "You must have a fraud response plan in place," Kevin Harding, partner at RGL stressed. "And as a deterrent, make sure you publicise the fact that you have one to your employees, and outline what the sanctions are."

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