Diary of a forensic accountant: Part 3

ArticleNovember 2016

Insurance / Legal / Quantification / Investigation / Forensic Investigation

On a typical day, there is a wide variety of different tasks to be completed, from preparing calculations to writing reports to attending meetings, interacting with owners of a range of businesses, senior claims professionals from the insurance industry and various representatives from the legal profession.

As appeared in Economia, 9 November 2016.

By: Jack Torpey

On one such day, my first job was to finalise a calculation I had started the previous evening. We were assisting insurers in relation to a factory explosion in Asia, calculating the loss of profit suffered by both the company where the incident occurred and the group as a whole. We were in the finishing straight on this job, having spent over a year reviewing a huge amount of documents.

The final piece of the jigsaw was provided overnight by an industry expert from Australia, a member of the adjustment team, and I needed their technical input on how long repairs should have taken in order to finalise our calculation. This was a high-profile case in the specific insurance sector in which we work, so the eyes of the great and good were upon it. The calculations had to be correct.

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