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Data Redaction for Discovery
Data Redaction for Discovery

Provided forensic technology services in conjunction with a disclosure management engagement. Collected and converted over a million electronic documents for insertion into a UK-based document review system to facilitate a lengthy redaction exercise before the data was disclosed to America.

  • Legal / Investigation
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Forensic Investigation / E-Discovery Services
  • United Kingdom
HDD Failure at a Cloud Provider

A cloud provider hosted an accounting software platform for multiple clients which failed. Our team’s investigation demonstrated that the provider had been running and ignoring a faulty hard-drive for over a year, only for a second one to fail such that it had no mitigating back-up solution. The claim was settled for a nominal amount.

  • Insurance / Investigation
  • Technology, Media & Telecoms
  • Cyber Consulting / Forensic Investigation
Converting Paper to Digital

Provided bank statement analysis for an investigation by a government department in the UK. All paper statements were scanned and converted into electronic data before the analysis was performed.

  • Corporate / Investigation
  • Government / Public Services
  • Forensic Investigation / E-Discovery Services
  • United Kingdom
refineray remediation
Refinery Remediation in Indonesia

Damage during construction of a new refinery in Indonesia resulted in the need for substantial remedial works. Analysed the costs involved, concentrating on the overheads allocated to the repairs by the Japanese construction company.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Indonesia
Not Peanut Free
Not Peanut Free

Engaged by a multinational firm in Canada to determine losses resulting from the recall of a product which contained peanuts despite being declared peanut free. Key issues included recall costs, loss of revenue and profit suffered by the organization.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Manufacturing
  • Liability / Casualty
  • Canada
Class Action Over Medical Device
Class Action Over Medical Device

Appointed in a class action suit to verify damages caused as a result of a surgical device failure. Analyzed individual medical claims to determine actual losses suffered and supported. The analysis allowed negotiation of a favorable settlement with the insured.

  • Legal / Quantification
  • Disputes / Class Action
  • United States
stock exchange
Scuppered Takeover Bid

An investor pledged shares as collateral in a takeover bid. The collateral shares were sold off by an Australian stock broking firm to repay its creditors after collapse. We calculated value of the collateral shares at liquidation and from damages arising.

  • Legal / Valuation
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Disputes
  • Singapore
Multiple Frauds at Multinational Company

Investigated a series of frauds suffered by a multinational company in Japan, Egypt and Nigeria. Extracted details of the allegations and tracked the flow of funds to see whether the alleged perpetrators benefited from the fraud.

  • Corporate / Quantification / Investigation
  • Manufacturing
  • Forensic Investigation / Fraud
  • Japan / Egypt / Nigeria
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