About BTVK Advisory: Experts in forensic accounting and advisory services

BTVK Advisory offers a powerful combination of stability, depth of experience and cutting edge expertise.

Many of our partners have been involved in forensic accounting since before it began as a discipline, and have been instrumental in the global spread, technical development and continued advancement of their chosen field.

Leading accounting and advisory firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP and RGL Forensics, a leading global financial investigations firm, joined together in 2018 to create a premier global forensic accounting practice. As part of the integration, RGL Forensics has rebranded as BTVK Advisory LLP (BTVK Advisory) in the UK, with all other RGL offices rebranding as Baker Tilly.

As a firm we offer clients long-term stability – we understand that you may be involved in a case that will take years to complete and we will be there for the duration. The majority of our people have been with us for many years. This brings added stability to your project and a wealth of expertise and experience to our work.

Our company culture benefits from the energy and dynamism of our talented, ambitious team members.

At BTVK Advisory we build confidence in everything we do.

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients around the world by treating everybody with genuine respect and delivering on our promises promptly, efficiently and to exacting standards.

Truly Global

From our global network – where every office is a real office, not just a sign on a door – we will pull together an experienced team that best meets your need. The key to this ability is that we back our people with an integrated approach: one finance system, one IT infrastructure, one global training program…one firm.

Independent Experts

We are that rare thing: a successful accounting-based firm that does not have an audit, tax or any other practice that can all too easily create conflicts of interest with forensic accounting roles. When objectivity is critical, choose experts who genuinely specialize in discovering and defining value. 

Real People, Real Understanding

We go that extra distance to fully understand a case, a claim, a business or an industry. You’ll find our people in the deepest mines or the highest courts, absorbed in analysis or sharing a story. This ability to move across worlds and really relate to people is shown by the longevity and quality of our client relationships.

At your service around the world, around the clock

With offices globally, BTVK Advisory is able to respond quickly and with insight, regardless of time or location. 

The complete package

There is no need to compromise when you select a firm that specializes in what it does, never stops learning, strives for ever greater efficiencies and values satisfying, enduring relationships. 


Seamless Collaboration

We work together within BTVK Advisory and with you, the client. The result? Our projects run on time and with the smoothness and unity created by a shared purpose.

Built on Facts

Everyone has an opinion – we base ours on hard facts, demonstrable evidence and the wisdom gained from wide experience and industry knowledge. 

Mobilize Quickly

The world moves fast, and so does BTVK Advisory. Nimble and agile, we put the right people on the ground, sleeves rolled up, where you need them, when you need them. 

Smart Choice

Our people are highly qualified, experienced, passionate professionals. They believe in what they do and are innately curious and tenacious. 


We know where to look and hone in on what is relevant, resulting in greater efficiency, clarity and quality.

Time and Time Again

We have delivered thousands of reports, appeared before the highest courts many, many times, helped resolve claim after claim and provided actionable insight after actionable insight. 

Work for the leaders, work for BTVK Advisory

The rapid adoption of technology and increasing connectivity within and between businesses has led to an expanding role for forensic accounting. With more data and better data available to analyze we can project forward and define value with increasing precision.

This has led to an increasing demand for forensic accountants and advisors – and there’s no better place to reach your personal and professional goals than at BTVK Advisory. Every day presents new challenges and diverse experiences.

Discover value. Discover the world.

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